lunedì, agosto 23, 2010

Web of Spider-Man #11

Spider-Man’s ex-girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, has been targeted for death by Mr. Negative’s science consigliore, Doc Tramma! Can the Webbed Wonder save MJ from the gruesome grip of the PHD’d femme fatale? Meanwhile, Jackpot is faced with the chance to avenge her husband’s death when Mr. Negative presents her Boomerang on a silver platter. Will Jackpot cross the line from hero to killer?!
Art by Pepe Larraz. More color pages here.

mercoledì, agosto 11, 2010

Nuovo personaggio

Hello everybody!
I introduce you Margol, fair inhabitant of Greyal...
soon the color!
(Art by Andres Mossa)

Salve a tutti
vi presento Margol, fiera abitante di Greyal...presto il colore!
(Art by Andres Mossa)